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A Growth Community That Grows Your Business

We teach rebel-preneurs how to build the relationships that build their business.

Grow Your Trusted Network

Connect Key Referral Partners

Succeed Through Relationships

Business “networking” is broken.

(And you know it.)

For far too long, you have left “networking” events feeling restless with a fist full of business cards and an empty pipeline.

• Are you frustrated by the status quo? 
• Do you feel defeated by ineffective, outdated tactics? 
• Are you tired of the superficiality of meet and greets? 

Are you ready to build the relationships that build your bottom line?

Grow, Connect, & Succeed In A Community Of Passionate Entrepreneurs

We revolutionize your business through the Network In Action model fueled by Cutting Edge Business Coaching.

Quality Leads

Our clients don’t fill their rolodex with contacts, they fill their pipeline with quality leads.

Real-Life Skills 

What we teach is tangible. We will equip you with the questions that connect in every meeting.

Relationship-Building Plan

Build better business relationships on purpose with a plan.

Seen & Supported

Our clients understand that no matter the size, any issue is important. Never hesitate to ask your questions!

business coach

I’m Daniel Andrews, Chief Business Instigator

With a background in business development and sales across various industries, I’m passionate about disrupting traditional “networking” approaches. My refined strategies for network-building, sales, and problem-solving are geared towards driving business growth in unconventional ways. Join me as we challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way network-building is done.

The Cutting Edge Toolbox

Leverage our knowledge and your experiences to get the results you want. We believe in the power of our role as a “guide on the side, not a sage on the stage!”

Network In Action

As an NIA franchise owner Daniel provides network-building opportunities to his clients.

Ninja Network Building Skills

Put the skills you already have in the right order to build your business through relationships.

Cutting Edge Business Coaching

Private business mentorship from an expert with 35 years of self-employment (49 if you start with the lemonade stand!)


Xchange is part of everything we do. If you want to create, build, and maintain your own business growth community Daniel will teach you how to become the “guide on the side.”

Putting our tools to work for your business is simple.

If you are serious about changing the way you connect with prospects, the first step is to schedule a free call.

1: Meet Daniel

The first step in changing the way you build business relationships is meeting Daniel for a free consultation.

2: Assemble Your Toolbox

We call our 8-week training course Ninja Network Building. It will deliver the skills you need to get the most out of your trusted community.

3: Build Your Business

With the skills you need and a chief instigator in your corner, you will build the relationships that grow your business.