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Network In Action

Daniel Andrews is a local franchise owner of Network In Action, an award-winning organization that utilizes in-person meetings and technology to help you grow your business.  Networking is the most powerful and effective way to grow your business. 

Where Network In Action differs from other organizations is in its professional leadership and use of technology.  Daniel Andrews is a skilled networker with a proven history of creating meaningful conversations that lead to business growth. 

Services include business coaching, mentorship, peer advisory groups and Second Saturday community development for startup businesses.

We deliver content, connection, and community for those that want to increase the amount of revenue from relationship-building and true, effective networking

• monthly in-person networking centered in Columbia, South Carolina
a diverse group of business owners and business pros meet for 90 minutes to learn, connect, and encourage each other. This is where the relationships start.

• monthly Zoom networking with high-level deal-makers coast to coast
a small group of people that deal in B2B transactions that produce significant revenue, with a commitment to making appropriate introductions for each other

For information on customized coaching on building better relationships within your own growing sphere, please click on the Coaching page.

Click here if you’d like to explore strategies for growing your business and eliminating obstacles, as either a new or experienced business owner.